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Marais Shirt
Marais Shirt
Marais Shirt
Marais Shirt

Marais Shirt

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The Marais is a wrap shirt with statement shoulders and elasticated cuffs. It's crafted from 100% sustainable cotton.
Size Guide
Our size
Length From Neck Point:59.2 cm23.088 inch
Bust:84 cm32.76 inch
Sleeve Length:61.3 cm23.907 inch
Length From Neck Point:59.65 cm23.2635 inch
Bust:86.5 cm33.735 inch
Sleeve Length:61.6 cm24.024 inch
Length From Neck Point:60.1 cm23.439 inch
Bust:89 cm34.71 inch
Sleeve Length:61.9 cm24.141 inch
Length From Neck Point:61 cm23.79 inch
Bust:94 cm36.66 inch
Sleeve Length:62.5 cm24.375 inch
Length From Neck Point:61.9 cm24.141 inch
Bust:99 cm38.61 inch
Sleeve Length:63.1 cm24.609 inch
Length From Neck Point:62.8 cm24.492 inch
Bust:104 cm40.56 inch
Sleeve Length:63.7 cm24.843 inch
Length From Neck Point:63.7 cm24.843 inch
Bust:109 cm42.51 inch
Sleeve Length:64.3 cm25.077 inch