Pantalon Trouser – 'Malie
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Pantalon Trouser
Pantalon Trouser
Pantalon Trouser
Pantalon Trouser

Pantalon Trouser

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The Pantalon pants are printed in an originally hand drawn print and made from 100% sustainable cotton. It's a high waisted pant, zipped a the sides and has slit side pockets. Depending on the height, the pants are slightly cropped in length.

COLORS: Green/Blue Print.

COMPOSITION: 100% sustainable poplin cotton, Indian origin. Garment made in India. 

CARE: Delicate 30 degree machine wash program, but we recommend individual hand wash.

Size Guide
Our size
Waist:63.5 cm24.765 inch
Top Hip:81.5 cm31.785 inch
Low Hip:93.5 cm36.465 inch
Inseam:65 cm25.35 inch
Waist:71 cm27.69 inch
Top Hip:89 cm34.71 inch
Low Hip:101 cm39.39 inch
Inseam:65 cm25.35 inch
Top Hip:9436.66
Low Hip:10641.34
Waist:81 cm31.59 inch
Top Hip:99 cm38.61 inch
Low Hip:111 cm43.29 inch
Inseam:65 cm25.35 inch
Waist:86 cm33.54 inch
Top Hip:104 cm40.56 inch
Low Hip:116 cm45.24 inch
Inseam:65 cm25.35 inch